About Us

Our Story

A wish, a dream, and a push helped establish Alexander's Jewelry in 1992, in Shrewsbury, PA. Ken had been in the jewelry business since 1971. He had worked for most of the major chain jewelry stores prior to our opening Alexander's Jewelry. Trudy had run a 14k gold home party business for a number of years.
Owning our own business had been a dream that we had since the beginning of our relationship. In the late summer of 1992, our son, Gregory, suggested to his father that we open our own store after going on sales calls with Ken. Greg, in his infinite child wisdom, thought that his dad could do the same things that he saw other small business owners doing. Ken explained the risks of starting up a business and Greg's reply was, "But Dad if you don't try it, you'll never know!"

We put the wheels into motion to try and get opened before Christmas of 1992. We were very lucky that we had a strong support group of friends, who all pulled together to help get us up and running. Our good friend, Tom Brown, whose hobby is cabinet making, offered to help build our six jewelry cases. Every evening and most weekends we had the neighborhood men working in our garage on the cases.

We had to have invitations printed, find manufacturers that could supply us with merchandise and a Christmas flyer, evaluate and purchase a software program and computer for inventory and sales and find a location that would accommodate us. Somehow it all came together, and we were able to open our first location in Market Square behind the Mason-Dixon restaurant. It was a small but welcoming 500 square foot showroom. We were at this location for about 18 months when a store in the main shopping center opened up. This was earlier than we had planned to move, but we needed to take advantage of the opportunity. So we moved across the street to about an 1100 square foot showroom. This was home to Alexander's Jewelry for the next six years. During this time we had a very good customer who wanted us to move down to her property. After about three years of her pursuing us, we moved to our current location at 435 S. Main St.. We moved in on New Year's Day, 2000, because a major winter storm was due to hit us hard on the 2nd., and it did! Thanks, again, to special friends we got everything moved into our new store before the snow came.

We've been here ever since and Cindy and Charlie are wonderful landlords. We have really grown in the past few years thanks to all our wonderful customers. We have a comfortable area for customers to relax, wait, and browse through our catalogs. We have grown to eighteen cases. We have two jewelers on the premises and seven additional employees. We carry the largest selection of colored gem stone jewelry in York County. We recently bought a Laser Welder and now can do repairs that no other jeweler in our area will even attempt.

We have pride in our hometown, and we try to be active in community activities. Ken is a member of the New Freedom Lions Club, a Boy Scout leader, and was Scout Master of Shrewsbury Troop 90. He is also a Mason at the Shrewsbury Lodge.

Our philosophy is to treat our customers the way we would like to be treated, or better. Our pricing is such that you will get a good, fair price every day of the year. We don't play the mark-up, discount game. We strive to be warm and friendly and hope that we can be your jewelry store. Come visit us sometime, and tell us about yourself and your family.